The quality of real teamwork

We are two specialist medical and scientific translators who always work together. This ensures the highest quality in the work we produce.

Every project we undertake adheres to the ISO 17100 standard for translation services which, among other things, recommends an independent revision by another translator.


Every project begins by researching specialised sources in the fields under study and, if applicable, creating an ad hoc corpus. Afterwards, one partner carries out the initial translation, proofreading, revision, or editing step. The work is then independently revised by the other partner.

Finally, we conduct a joint review to discuss and solve any difficulties encountered. Our working process ensures a constant level of quality.

Contact with clients

We ensure we are in close and direct contact with our clients throughout the process so we know exactly what they require, can solve any issues or doubts that may arise, and can adapt to their needs.

This also results in greater confidentiality and control over the documents handled and the information exchanged.

Timely delivery

We always deliver on time and are available for subsequent edits should our client wish to revise their documents.

Claire Graham

Claire is a biologist and holds an MA in medical and healthcare translation. She has worked as a full time freelance translator for more than fifteen years.

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