Medical and scientific translations

Clinical research

  • clinical trial protocols
  • documents issued by regulatory authorities (authorisations, opinions, correspondence, etc.)
  • patient information sheets and informed consents, diaries, etc.
  • clinical scales and questionnaires
  • investigator brochures
  • laboratory and nursing manuals
  • clinical trial follow-up and final reports
  • audit reports
  • laboratory ranges and certificates
  • marketing authorisation application dossiers
  • standard operating procedures
  •  etc.
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Scientific texts

  • research articles
  • case reports
  • abstracts
  • posters
  • presentations
  • etc.

Medical reports

  • medical and surgical reports
  • hospital discharge reports
  • patient records
  • lab results and special tests reports (CT, MRI, Holter, echocardiogram, etc.)
  • pathology reports

Academic texts

  • theses, dissertations and other academic works

Translation of websites


  • specialised and general websites

Drug safety

  • summary of product characteristics, monographs, labels, leaflets
  • suspected unexpected serious adverse reaction notifications
  • adverse event reports

Scientific dissemination

  • popular medicine and science articles
  • Information leaflets for patients or relatives on diseases, treatments, etc.