Translation, proofreading, editing, adaptation

Spanish English


Before work starts on the translation, we thoroughly research the specialism concerned and its specific terminology.

After the initial translator’s work, the second translator carries out an independent review.  This is followed by a joint review to unify criteria and discuss potential difficulties. Our method ensures both the terminology and style are appropriate to the subject and the intended audience.

Bilingual proofreading and editing

We make sure the translation is complete by comparing it with the original text and review language, style coherence, and text cohesion.

We adapt language and style in accordance with the target genre and readership.

Monolingual proofreading and editing

This work involves reviewing and correcting articles written by non-native English or Spanish speakers.

Our goal is to ensure the writing is of a high enough standard to meet the requirements of the target specialist journals.

Rewriting for the general public

To effectively communicate scientific advances or technical issues to a lay audience, it is often necessary to modify specialised texts.

We write informative texts based on highly specialised documents, thus combining translation and communication. We adapt the original texts to suit new reader profiles and contexts.

5,000-year-old writing on a clay tablet - Uruk 3300-3100 B.C.

Our rates

Depending on the characteristics of each project we may apply a per word rate, an hourly rate or, if applicable, a minimum fee.

We always provide a detailed quote for approval by the client before starting any work.

Delivery times

Delivery times vary depending on the needs of our customers and the characteristics of the projects.

The delivery date is always stated in the quote. In all cases, we make sure we meet the agreed delivery date.